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We Cannot Guarantee Results

Modern Muse Education makes no guarantees, warranties or representations about results, including but not limited to any family's/client's: (i) gaining admission to any school or educational institution; (ii) performance on any test or exam; (iii) performance in any particular class; and/or (iv) potential success in any area based on the use of recommended techniques. Modern Muse Education expressly waives any express or implied warranties.

The success and results of past family/student/client is not necessarily indicative of the results of future family/student/client. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Previous Modern Muse Education clients/students being admitted to top-choice schools.

  • Historic success rates.

  • Previous Modern Muse Education clients/students improving grades.

  • Previous in Modern Muse Education clients/students improving test scores.

We provide historic success rates are for informational and comparative purposes only.

Every student/family/client is different, and results depend upon the unique factors in a particular matter.

All Academic Responsibility Rests with Family

The responsibility for gaining admission to an educational institution rests solely with the family.  In this regard, family's sole responsibilities include but are not limited to: (i) complying with all school and/or school application requirements; (ii) knowing the content of, registering for, and taking any and all required exams; (iii) submitting any and all required documents to schools; (iv) complying with all deadlines, including but not limited application and test deadlines; (v) obtaining recommendations in a timely manner; and/or (iv) identifying which studying techniques, writing techniques, writing styles, etc., work best for the student.

All responsibility for securing grades or participating in standardized tests rests with the student/family/client  Student/family/client is solely responsible for understanding all applicable deadlines and requirements for all academic, testing or scholastic efforts.

Modern Muse Education is Not Responsible Even In Event of Mistake

Neither Modern Muse Education, nor its members, owners, managers, employees, independent contractors or affiliates, are in any way responsible if student/client does not gain admission to an educational institution or achieved desired performance in any class or on any test, even if the result of an error, omission or mistake on the part of Modern Muse Education or its members, owners, manager, employees, independent contractors or affiliates.

Independent Contractors

Modern Muse Education utilizes independent contractors who are not considered employees of the company Modern Muse Education, LLC.

This Website is Not Advice

The information contained in this website has been prepared for informational purposes only and is not academic, legal or any other type of advice. It is provided only as general information that may or may not reflect the most current standards in the educational, testing or academic world. Modern Muse Education will always to its best to ensure that the information presented is as accurate and up to date as possible, and will always encourage families and clients to do their own research to enhance the consulting experience.

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