How to: prepare for AP exams

How to prepare for AP (Advanced Placement) exams

In high school, you can enroll in advanced placement (AP) classes that are college level classes taken through your high school. All AP classes and their exams are created and monitored through college board, a company that also created the SAT. As the week of AP exams slowly approaches, it can be easy to start stressing about your score months in advance. In reality, there is no need to stress when studying for AP’s. It’s simply a matter of starting to study early, and having the right materials.

  1. Get the right materials:

Start off by finding AP books or flash cards in the subject you are taking. Two very helpful books that contain extensive information on any topic as well as practice tests are the Princeton Review book, and Barron's review book. These two companies release new books each year on virtually every AP subject.

2. Establish what you need to review:

Go back through all of the topics you learned throughout the year, and figure out which you struggled the most on. Which concepts did you find difficult to grasp? Focus on these topics more. Spend more time reviewing them in order to fully understand them before your test. You can use old notes, quizzes, and tests to review as well as your textbook.

3. Make a plan/Create a Schedule:

Make sure you have enough time to review everything. It is also important to review things you already know, just spend less time on them. Write out your schedule in a calendar, or on your phone so that you have time to review everything before the day of your test.

4. Find practice exams and questions:

This will help you know which types of questions you will be facing on the test. You can find these in review books, or online. The college board website also has all the old written responses from all the past exams so that you can see which kinds of responses received good scores.

For your convenience, here is the website with information on every AP exam. This includes the timing of each section, previous written responses, and scoring.

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