Interview with Modern Muse Education CEO

Modern Muse Education is a Montgomery county-based educational services support company that offers private and semi-private tutoring, college and career advising, and program development for students, families, and public and private institutions.

I had the opportunity to interview the CEO of Modern Muse Education, Jessica Muse, and ask her about the mission of the company, how she started it, and what her future plans for expanding the company are.

Why did you decide to start a tutoring company?

a) Well, it wasn’t something that happened overnight. I wanted a career in something that could impact the lives of students, regardless of their age or background, and also would allow me to have a better work-life balance. Modern Muse Education, LLC was founded in November of 2015, seven months after my youngest daughter was born.

How has your company grown since you first started it?

b) When I started in 2015, I was the only tutor. As of March 2018, we have three employees, four contractors and three interns. We also have two permanent office locations, whereas before, I was meeting students in their homes.

What is Modern Muse Education's mission?

c) That’s a great question. It has been a bit fluid in recent months, but, ultimately, our mission is to create a support network, knowledge base and landing site for anyone who employs our services. Families and organizations will learn more about education, educating themselves, and educating others.

How does your company differ from others in the industry?

D) Specifically, our focus is TRULY on the student. We provide several consultations throughout the course of a student’s sessions with us. We also provide rates that are up to 70% lower than leading competition for private tutoring. Lastly, we operate on the motto of “never forget where you came from”: several of our current tutors are actually former students who have discovered a passion, or love, of teaching.

How do you see this company changing and growing in the future?

e) Honestly, I have to say that I am not quite sure. Overall, I want to expand our services to spaces and places where students and families are able to take advantage of what we have to offer. I also want to incorporate more of a global perspective on the psychology of test taking, study skills and interpersonal success into what we do.

Other than SAT/ACT tutoring, what other services does your company offer?

f) We offer academic support, college application review/support, and life skills support.

I can testify to how good their services are myself. Last year, Jessica tutored me in math for my ACT: it was the subject I struggled with the most. She also provided test strategy support for the other subjects on the exam. Through one hour of tutoring each week (15 weeks across two tests in April and June) I brought my composite score up 6 points into the 30s. I strongly believe the tutoring helped me a lot, and that, if it weren’t for Jessica, it would have much more difficult for me to achieve my overall score.

If you are interested in getting tutored through Modern Muse Education or working with the company check out their website as well as contact them using:


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