Summer 2019 is Here: Now What?

Montgomery County Public Schools will release their students into the Summer Wild on June 14th, 2019. Families throughout the county have been planning for this day for weeks, but now that it is here, scheduling activities, vacations and programs can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips for our middle and high school families.

1) Take some time off: Downtime is important!

No matter what grade your student is in, they're already nervous about the next school year. It is important for students' emotional and physical well-being to have some "downtime" planned into their summer. The dreaded "brain drain" really only occurs when students have disengaged completely from their surroundings. Admittedly, that is difficult to do in such a connected society, but with a good plan for alternating downtime and engaged time, students will be less likely to resist

2) Check MCPS website for upcoming curriculum: Knowledge is Power!

It seems like MCPS makes changes to their curriculums as the seasons change. There is likely a method to the madness, but those without an education background or training are more likely to see this as an inconvenience than a necessary part of educational development. One way to help minimize the stress students experience with a new school year is to look at MCPS' website for any announcements for changes for the upcoming school year. In addition, families can check their actual school websites for these announcements. Tutors will have a better sense of how to help students prepare for the upcoming year if families are as informed as possible!

3) Double check start/end dates for programs and registration deadlines

With booking multiple airline tickets, hotel rooms and activities, losing track of when programs at home start and end can be a struggle. We highly recommend using your favorite calendar app (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc) to organize this information. We also love the app Picniic to keep family events and locations organized.

We hope this preliminary list of suggestions was helpful! Don't forget: Modern Muse Education has a whole host of programs available to help students stay on track for the upcoming school year!


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