Students will fill out a registration form to inform us of their availability. They'll be asked to select two-hour time slots any two days (Monday through Thursday, and/or Saturday), to indicate when they want to participate in the class. Classes are created based on student responses, so the hours you choose is when your student's class will be. Two hours are dedicated to Reading/English and two hours are dedicated to Math (and ACT Science).

They can choose any of our SAT or ACT Class choices depending on the test they are preparing for.

Once we receive the registration form, students will be given available dates to take a diagnostic which will help our experts know what students' challenges are.

Students are required to take this test at least two weeks before the classes start. However, if the student has recent official SAT/ACT scores, they can use those to join the class.


Based on student responses, students will get an e-mail from their Instructor introducing themselves and letting them know what days and times their class will be taking place. This e-mail will arrive on Sunday one week before the scheduled start date.


Students and parents will be required to confirm their attendance before being considered a part of the class.


2020 SAT Courses

2020 ACT Courses

*these are our most popular classes. We highly recommend registering early for these sessions.


Other SAT/ACT Prep Options

 SAT/ACT Group + Private Package

Don't forget to check our our Complete Package Programs!

Some students enjoy the BootCamp style classes we offer, but also want a little bit of one-on-one support to supplement their learning. We understand that students may feel like they will get the perfect combination of support in this fashion.

SAT/ACT Class + Private Options:

6 hours of Individual Support: Add $300 to class cost

8 hours of Individual Support: Add $375 to class cost

10 hours of Individual Support: Add $425 to class cost

12 hours of Individual Support: Add $450 to class cost

To add these options to your registration, you are welcome to let your mentor know at any time.

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