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Middle School Students
Grades: 6-8
High School Students
Grades: 9-12
College Students

Mathematics Support

Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, IB Mathematics, PreCalculus, Calculus AB & BC

Help your student be math fearless! We have incredible math mentors who can help your student build the confidence they need to be successful inside and outside the classroom. And maybe teach them how to memorize a formula or two using some catchy tunes!

Science Support

AP/IB Chemistry, AP/IB Biology, AP/IB Computer Science, Computer Concepts, Honors and On-Level Chemistry, Physics and Biology

Balancing redox reactions? Need help remembering the difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration in cells? How about understanding the principles of debugging the code of your latest program or project? Our sensational science specialists can help your student be more at ease with the ABCs of DNA and everything in between!

*Note* Our Computer Science experts will not debug code line-by-line for students.

Psychology Support

AP Psychology, IB Psychology

Trying to remember the difference between Ivan Pavlov and Lev Vygotsky? Maybe this will ring a bell! We have some passionate psychology pros on staff ready to help you out!

Foreign Languages Support

Spanish and French (all levels and IB)

Como se dice "help" en español? We have classically trained language specialists ready to help your student with those pesky verb tenses, practice to become a more confident speaker, and write to become the next Gabriel Garcia Marquez!

Social Studies Support

History, IB History of the Americas, IB History SL, AP U.S. History, AP World History

If we learn nothing from history, we are doomed to repeat it! We can help keep your student from falling behind in these reading and writing intensive classes. They will learn memorization techniques for dates, places and people as well as gain a deeper understanding of how important our past is to our future.

Writing Support

AP Language, AP Literature, Essay Development, English, IB English A SL/HL

From graphic organizers in elementary school, to persuasive essay outlines in high school, students have been writing for years. Sometimes, however, students need some support in learning how to develop ideas, make important points and find their writing voice. We can help students who are struggling with grammar and reading comprehension to put together thoughtful pieces of writing. 

Mentors WILL NOT write essays for students.

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Jessica is an excellent tutor and always exceeded expectations. She quickly learns and adapts to her students' learning style and creates a positive learning environment. She is professional yet personable which allows her students to share their struggles and their achievements. I highly recommend teaming up with Jessica to help put your student on a successful path.

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