Jessica Muse, founder and CEO of Modern Muse Education, attended schools overseas for sixteen years and returned home (to the Washington DC area) every summer never feeling like she truly fit in. Modern Muse Education is grounded in the philosophy that understanding and respecting every child's background and culture is essential to getting them the help they need academically and psychologically. This foundation was based primarily on the sense of discouragement and confusion that Jessica's fellow TCKs across the globe continue to experience on a regular basis.  

Jessica has been a featured panelist for FSYF's August Re-Entry Program since 2016.  She has led three talks on SAT/ACT Prep, and has also written articles in FSYF's parent newsletter about best practices for Test Prep with TCKs. 

If you are a Foreign Service family looking for a company that has tutors and and advice that are reflective of your child's experience overseas, you've come to the right place! We are eager to help families re-locating to the U.S. and families who are still stationed overseas for their childrens' final years of high school. Please contact us today!

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