After countless hours of tutoring, teaching, learning and research, we believe we have crafted an efficient model of a give and take teaching and learning style that has helped many students achieve their goals (and find the intrinsic motivation to work even harder when they don't)!

We help our students to

  • develop a sense of pride in their work

  • become more independent as they continue their studies

  • learn more about themselves and what type of learner they are

  • advocate for themselves in the classroom to be in charge of their own learning


Just in the last decade, the cost of a college education (and even a primary or secondary education) has increased exponentially. We already know you're here because you want to help your student. We also know that it can be hard to know how much should be "spent" on "quality" help. Our prices are under $100/hr no matter what, and includes everything your student needs to be successful: support, materials and confidence!


Our students flourish because they're provided with a wealth of support in various forms. By being flexible, reliable and consistent, we model the behaviors that we want students to learn that will help them grow. Every student is offered the option of having 2-3 mentors available to ensure continuity of learning. No more skipped sessions due to schedule changes! All mentors meet regularly to provide a continuum of support for each student.

Jessie is a wonder!! She has a great way with her students and keeps parents informed every step of the way. My daughter was able to increase her composite ACT by 2 points and her math score by 4 points after just a few sessions. I don't think that there is a tutor around that could have done a better job of preparing my daughter for her tests. I strongly recommend Modern Muse for all college prep.

-ACT Prep Parent, Wootton High School


I believe that a minimal amount of intervention while building up a student's sense of self-efficacy is extremely important. In order to do this, a delicate balancing act of learning when to push and learning when to let go is paramount to a successful student/tutor relationship.

In essence, this approach is designed to encourage students to ask for help when they need it, and to extend themselves because they eventually will have to.

The most effective tutors are the ones who support students as they learn, as opposed to giving them all the answers. The best tutoring helps students re-learn, or become proficient in, fundamentals and foundations, and then feel confident in an independent effort moving forward. 

The skills of balancing priorities and setting goals prevents parents from spending into a hole and tutors from getting burned out from "trying everything" to no avail. Students will learn how to set their own priorities and work in tandem with those supporting them to reach their college goals and build a strong foundation of self-reliance and interpersonal skills. 

-Jessica Muse - CEO and Founder


Modern Muse Education seeks to address the needs of students by providing program support, college advice, academic tutoring and test preparation that comes from the fundamental understanding of these students' experiences, cultures and education.


We are passionate about education, and constantly seek new opportunities to support individual families and organizations in the pursuit of knowledge and opportunities for success.


Modern Muse Education, LLC is an Educational Consulting Service in Montgomery County, Maryland. We provide high-quality, affordable services in the fields of tutoring, mentoring, networking and program development for individuals, families, and public and private institutions. Our mission is to provide all of our clients with a complete and unique college preparation experience, and offer relevant, reliable programs and partnerships to build foundations for future generations. We believe that students deserve a college prep program that understands their needs, both academically and psychologically, while providing a foundation for independence in college and beyond.


When you're good what you do, people notice! We are proud to provide support for these organizations whose missions are aligned with our mission to improve the lives of students everywhere. We are also grateful them for their time, energy and resources that have supported our company: thank you!  

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